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Identity and values ​​of the brand:

It is fundamental today to have a natural response to the needs of the skin, in order to satisfy women who seek an approach in which nature is a source of well-being and beauty. The idea is to support the skin in a comprehensive manner, by offering both preventive and curative formulas, to act on all beauty parameters.

Under the combined effect of time and oxidizing attacks (pollution, stress, UV...), cutaneous cellular metabolism slows down and mitochondrial energy production decreases. Consequently, skin loses its radiance, softness and elasticity.

The natural force of the olive for visibly revitalised, detoxified skin with restored radiance.

It increases the skin's ability to repair itself and to fight the signs of time. Because it eliminates toxins deep in the skin, it reactivates cellular regeneration: wrinkles fade, the skin becomes firmer, the complexion glows, unifies and becomes radiant with beauty.