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Creation of the oil mill by Pope Innocent IV
Purchase of the oil mill by Maison Bronzini
Development of the Phenoliv Complex® patent leading oleoactive cosmetic cell activator
Launch of the Oleo anti-age cosmetic range olive sourced with refined textures combining Naturalness - Efficacy - Sensoriality


The olive tree is eternal .

Legend attributes the appearance of the olive tree to the goddess Athena  who was born of the land and burned by the sun. It was seen as an immortal tree that both nourished and treated men. 

Described as a symbol of life and longevity, the story of the olive tree is lost in the mists of time and is intertwined with that of the civilizations that inhabited the Mediterranean.

Set in Provence at Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, the Chartreuse oil mill has been recognized for over 650 years for the high quality of its olive oils. 

In the greatest respect for its traditions and its olive expertise, Maison Bronzini took over the operation in 2008.

Since then, surrounded by scientists, Maison Bronzini has studied the secrets of the eternal life of the olive tree. 

This research has helped identify and isolate molecules with exceptional antioxidant power. 

A concept of natural anti-ageing is thus born: the Oleo-Cosmetic Maison Bronzini.

All the virtues and strength of the olive tree in a natural and effective care treatment range.

These care treatments offer an authentic sensory experience from the extraordinary benefits and virtues of this Exquisite Gem…the Olive tree.