Maison Bronzini Innovation: PHENOLIV Complex®

A range of anti ageing products built around the only 100% natural active ingredients

Leading oleo-vectorized cellular energy activator

Traditional extraction methods focus on a specific group of active compounds (polyphenols) in the olive, leaving aside all other active substances. Numerous standardised olive extracts exist on the market, such as olive leaf oleuropein or hydroxytyrosol. However these extracts contain only one type of polyphenol, rejecting the numerous cosmetic benefits that other active substances could bring to our skin.

This is why MB has launched research to combine all of these active substances from a patented innovative extraction eco-process, taking inspiration from the olive trees' secret of longevity, the PHENOLIV Complex® concentrates in one 100% natural active compound all antioxidant molecules* from the flowers, leaves and fruits of the tree of life. 

Its specific (oleo-vectorized) galenic form transports these molecules to the core of the skins cells. Where they act in synergy for a reinforced anti-ageing effect and revived cellular energy production.

Certainly, the oily galenic formulation of PHENOLIV COMPLEX® MB is ideal for topical application. It shall enable vectorization of the coenzyme Q10 as well as all other active compounds from the leaves, flowers and fruit of the olive tree directly to the heart of the cutaneous cells, making them available for the protection of mitochondria. By protecting mitochondria, PHENOLIV COMPLEX® MB will help cells maintain their optimal level of energy. Accordingly, good cellular respiration shall also be preserved.

* Vitamin A and E, squalene, phenolic compounds, enzymes, hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein, glycerol, oleanolic acid.